We are a family, and the company we form results from many years of conscientious work. Thanks to the experience we have been constantly acquiring since 1978, we know that your comfort and safety during the journey is our joined way to success.


We organize specialized transport of people and equipment within and outside European Union. We modernize our vehicle fleet, employ the best drivers and make sure that you reach your destination safely and as quickly as possible. Thanks to the quality we offer, we cooperate with, for example, Polish musical stars. Many years of cooperation with bus operating companies at home and abroad allows us to provide for transport of up to a thousand people at a time.


The company's headquarters is located on the express way Katowice - Bielsko- Biala, 40 km from the border in Cieszyn. There is a coach service, company offices and facilities for drivers with rooms to relax - all in one place. In the vicinity there is a Lukoil gas station, KFC's restaurant, Autogrill and a playground for children. We have a large parking space for coaches to stop in order to transfer connecting passengers.